2. Shalom! Would you like to know if there are other ‘Hebrew Roots’ believers nearby?

Quite often we are asked if we know of anywhere people can fellowship in different parts of the country. If you meet together with a few other believers to pray, worship the Father, study the Scriptures and have fellowship, and you do not think we have you on the Malakh mailing list please leave a message letting us know about your group so we can help link believers together. Thanks!

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  1. No, I am not in any “Hebrew Roots” group of Believers, but I would love to know if there are any within striking distance of Northampton. I very rarely leave my house on Shabbat, but I read the Torah portion and then use two commentaries that I receive week by week. I’d love to study with some other people if I heard of anyone else trying to study in a similar way.

    • Hello Valerie – I think you are already in touch with the people that we know that live in your area. Perhaps we could discuss this if you are planning to come to the weekend of teaching at Moggerhanger Park on 7th and 8th October? Shalom!

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