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BulldozerFaith is a non-profit Hebraic group ministering together to see more people in Israel returning to the Torah, as well as an international outreach where Kenny travels to share the heart of YHVH concerning Israel and deliverance from Pagan Christianity. BulldozerFaith is committed to the support of new Jewish immigrants as well as ministering to the Christian world about the true roots of the faith.

Kenny Russel is the founder of Bulldozerfaith™ Ministry and he lives in Israel with his wife Hayley and daughter Hannah-Rose. The work of Bulldozer Faith is growing in Israel and Kenny and his team have established a Hebrew Roots Centre in the Land, where Yeshua spent much of His time ministering and calling to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

Today Kenny is responding to the call to be a visible sign of the two houses of Israel and Judah becoming one as he seeks to minister and pray for the return of the northern tribes. He feels there is a need to broadcast from the Land of Israel to the nations, and he asks us to support him as he builds and sows the Word of YHWH in the nations.

Kenny's website is entitled and we feel that his message is 'for such a time as this. You can find many of Kenny's challenging messages on YouTube under the Bulldozerfaith name. 

Heartfelt thanks and gratitude goes to the Almighty that in His great love for us He is creating a much greater awareness of other members of His Body, and through visits such as Kenny's and Eddie He is bringing us together in a far greater way. Let us be encouraged to work together in sharing the Gospel of the Kingdom! HalleluYah!

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