Eddie Chumney speaking on ‘The Purpose and Ministry of Elijah’.

Recorded live at Birmingham Messianic Fellowship in November 2014, Eddie explains that we are living at a time when it is prophecied that Elijah will appear before Yeshua's coming, and discusses what his message will be and how it relates to end-time events.

Eddie Chumney speaking on ‘What is Biblical Zion?’

This message was recorded live in Darlington in a Prayer for Israel meeting. Eddie goes into detail about the Biblical term "Zion"and explains its many meanings. He discusses the biblical and political situation in the end of days over the controversy of Zion, to help us to be prepared and able to recognise what is happening as the events described in the Bible start to unfold.  

Capture the moment with Stephen Spykerman: Part 1 of 2.

A wonderful interview in which Kenny Russel asks Stephen Spykerman some very searching questions, and Stephen responds with the enthusiasm and passion of a man who knows his calling: to teach about the return of the House of Israel and their eventual uniting with the House of Judah.

Capture the moment with Stephen Spykerman: Part 2 of 2

The concluding part of the interview Kenny Russel had with Stephen Spykerman during his Planting Seeds of Light Tour of the UK. Well worth listening to and making a positive response!

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