New Alflyerwebbum: The Two Sticks

Inspired, written, sung and produced in the UK
by Elisabeth Avallone
'Oh Israel' :  a sample from this beautiful CD
The 'Two Sticks' album is a collection of fifteen inspired songs relating to the restoration of the Whole House of Israel and the importance of Torah today. The words and music are also suitable for Hebraic dancing, worship and teaching.

Cost of CD:

  • England:     £7.99 + postage = £9.33              Sterling 
  • USA:           $12.6 + postage = $18.4              U.S.dollars
  • Australia:    $16.7 + postage = $24.5              Australian dollars

Those requesting a CD please contact Elisabeth on:              Tel:  01159 297112 or mobile: 07913297092

Audio Teaching.

Two important audio teachings by Eddie Chumney.

How will the ten tribes be united?

Eddie Chumney.

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