What is Biblical Zion?



A closer look at the biblical term for Zion in the Almighty’s plan

Zion is a biblical term for the people of the God of Israel (Isaiah 51:16) and the land of Israel (Joel 2:1-2). Zion is a term for Jerusalem (Isaiah 2:3). Yeshua is married to Zion (Jeremiah 3:14). The people, the land, the Torah and the Messiah are one. Yeshua will return in glory when He unites the twelve tribes of Israel (Psalm 102:16). In the end of days, there is a controversy of Zion (Isaiah 34:8). It is over the people, the land, the Torah and the Messiah. Biblical Zion is born during the tribulation (Isaiah 66:8). Yeshua dwells, rules and reigns in Zion (Isaiah 8:18, Joel 3:16, Isaiah 52:7)

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