Current events in Bible Prophecy


Gateshead, Tyne and Wear: one DVD

The birthright conflict between Esau and Jacob and how it relates to the conflict in the Middle East

This message was presented at Beit Yeshua in Gateshead to the Messianic group under the leadership of Laurence Levine. It is an important message linking biblical beginnings with end-time events that unfolds the Almighty’s purpose for His people.
It is a Biblical principle that what happened in the past is a foretaste of what will happen in the future. The present Middle East conflict is the outworking of the birthright conflict between Jacob and Esau. ‘Jacob’s trouble’ was typified when Esau came out to meet Jacob with his men of war. Esau greeted Jacob with a kiss of peace which was an act of betrayal, as Judas did when he went out to greet Yeshua.  Jeremiah 30:7 refers to a future time of conflict between Jacob and Esau. The role of the USA in this present act of betrayal. The trigger point for the Almighty’s intervention on behalf of His people when He will roar out of Zion. Yeshua will appear in His glory, regather the outcasts of Israel and unite the house of Jacob and the house of Joseph upon the mountains of Israel.

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