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    18 thoughts on “Contact Us

      1. Hello Howard – sorry for the delay in our response. We don’t actually do a newsletter but as often as possible we update the blog, so we suggest you have a look from time to time – we hope it is a blessing to you. Shalom, David and Cath

    1. Hello, found your website very interesting!
      Are you aware of any Hebraic Roots fellowships in Central, South East or South West London Areas?
      I would be grateful if you could let me have details please.

      Thank you and God bless.

      1. Hello – so glad you are enjoying the website. Are you aware of Beit Nitzachon? They meet in Stamford Hill – a contact phone number is 07504 006706 – a man called Barry Cecil should be able to help you. There is also a group called House of Israel London – a contact number for that group is 07711 291525; the pastor’s name is Marcus Da Costa. Hope this is of help to you- if we can be of further help please do get back in touch. Shalom, David and Cath

    2. Hi David and Cath. Please would you send me a subscription form for GTN Magazine. Also thank-you for the new Malakh, can’t wait to read it and be greatly blessed I’m sure. Thank-you for all your hard work and in put to the magazine. I have a few new friends who would be very interested in the new GTN Magazine. Love and Blessings.

      1. Hello Margaret,
        Thank you for your lovely message. We have sent you a copy of the Preview edition of GTN, and will let you know details of the subscription just as soon as it is all finalised. If you let us have the name and address of your friends we will send them their own Preview edition so they can decide whether it is something they would like to subscribe to. Alternatively if you would like a few copies of GTN to hand around to friends we could send you a package – the more we can all promote this wonderful new magazine the better – thank you so much!
        Shalom and blessings to you, David and Cath

      1. Hello Kim – sorry we do not have a downloadable version of the Malakh magazine, but you can read it online, or we can send you a printed copy, although your parents have recently received one so there will be a copy in your home. We have sent you a copy of the GTN magazine also as requested on the GTN website – thank you for your interest – we hope you enjoy it and will want to become a subscriber when it begins to be printed on a regular basis later this year.
        Shalom and blessings to you Kim,
        David and Cath

    3. shalom, Dave and Cath, our Pastor has agreed to hosting Eddie Chumney on the 17th May at The Word of Life Church, Corporation Rd, Darlington, Co Durham, DL3 6AS. 7pm start drinks will be provided at the end.
      contact Tony Kipling @ 07958 189 468 or 01325 252191

      1. Hi again Tony. I’ve just seen this- don’t know why we didn’t see it when it came in in May? Please keep us posted on anything like this – we appreciate it for future reference. Many thanks.

    4. hi dave and cath,
      we got the email you sent. Let us know his itinery so we can catch up and be blessed.

      God bless
      can tx it to us once you have it arranged. 07958 189 468

      we met kenny russel when we went to Israel for Tabernacles in October. We went to his house and he showed us his recording studio.

      1. Hi Tony and Usha – it’s amazing that you met up with Kenny. How brilliant! The Galilee is a very special place, isn’t it? I think you have already seen the dates for Eddie’s visit that we put up on the Malakh Facebook page. It would be great if you were able to get to Bromsgrove in December, but we know how far it would be for you to travel all that way. If you can’t make it please ask the Father to bless Eddie’s visit at this very difficult time of year. Shalom and love to you all, D & C

    5. Dear servant of the Most high God Kennypraise the living God!
      Greetings to you in precious and awesome name of our lord and saviour.
      My name is Rev. Carol Wamalwa Of the Covenant Church of Kenya.
      I have been blessed by your web contents.
      Your work and teachings are good,as you heard africa dwells on
      matters and ministerial doctrines that dont bring unity among
      Christians with alot critism and ancestralial cults that divides the
      The church value seems more on the Earthly things than the word of God.
      I hereby kindly and humble invite you to come and be our quest to
      teach and preach in Minister Conference and revival meetings for 2017 bring
      hope to this dying world,salvation and restore the lost through
      preaching of the uncompromising word of God,your prayer and
      partnership will appreciated.
      I would love to hear from you soon.
      With love and blessings.

      1. Shalom Rev Carol
        Thank you for your lovely letter with its encouragement. Yes there are problems when people begin to criticise each other instead of focussing on walking in the light that we have received and leaving doctrinal issues to the Almighty to sort out in His time. Regrettably we are not in a position to be able to visit you, but we would like to encourage you to continue to teach from the Word and to seek to bring mutual respect and love and acceptance of each member within the Body of Messiah. We can all glean truth from each other without rejecting those that may have a different opinion on certain aspects of the Scriptures, receiving light and sharing light together. Shalom and blessings, David and Cath

    6. Hi Dave and Cath,
      I’ve had a copy of your Malakh Messenger issue 12, for a long time, but I’ve only just read it, and found your message “Check out our new Website:” So I’ve only just read Eddy’s long message. I really regret the fact that he no longer posts his so called ‘5 minute update’, which was always much longer than 5 minutes. I’ve been told that he’s on Facebook, but I really don’t want to connect up with Facebook.
      I’ve just read your blog, about the death of your two hens, and the lessons you have learned about the attitudes you held as a result. Your account was so honest. Thank you for sharing this.

      1. Hello Valerie – Eddie only posts on his 30 minute update when he feels he has things to share, but although he doesn’t regularly post his update you can hear his teaching daily now through his live radio station It’s got all his teaching on it divided into 30 minute slots so it’s easy to digest. Glad you enjoyed the blog about the hens! Shalom!

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