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All you need to know about restoring the Hebraic Roots of Christianity.

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Abigail Trust

Working to promote the study of the Bible from a first century perspective, to help believers to understand how Yeshua and His disciples read, studied and understood it.

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From the Sun to the Moon

An excellent article from the Jerusalem Post outlining the research done specifically by Dr Rachel Elior, since the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in Qumran in the last century. The article discusses her understanding of the radical restructuring of Jewish religious thought and practice that followed the destruction of the Temple in 70 CE, and the repercussions that have affected the way we practise our faith today.

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Bulldozer Faith

Kenny Russel is the founder of Bulldozerfaith™ Ministry, a non-profit Hebraic group ministering together to see more people in Israel returning to the Torah, as well as an international outreach where Kenny travels to share the heart of YHVH concerning Israel and deliverance from Pagan Christianity. BulldozerFaith is committed to the support of new Jewish immigrants as well as ministering to the Christian world about the true roots of the faith.

Today Kenny is responding to the call to be a visible sign of the two houses of Israel and Judah becoming one as he seeks to minister and pray for the return of the northern tribes. He feels there is a need to broadcast from the Land of Israel to the nations, and he asks us to support him as he builds and sows the Word of YHWH in the nations.

Kenny’s website is entitled and we feel that his message is ‘for such a time as this’. You can find many of Kenny’s challenging messages on YouTube under the Bulldozerfaith name. 

Restore All Israel

The following three paragraphs are the introduction to a website that we recommend for some great teaching on the restoration of the whole house of Israel:

The spirit of Elijah is one of restoration. Yahshua said Elijah must come before the day of His return. He intimated that John the Baptist was himself Elijah. He truly had the spirit of restoration, preaching repentance to the multitudes in preparation for Yahshua’s appearing. We who are enlightened today should be working in this same spirit of restoration in preparation for His next coming. Restoration is an end-time desire of the Almighty.

He desires to “restore all things” before that great and terrible day of His return. As part of His people in our day we are working together towards this great vision, the building up and preparing of the Body of Messiah, encouraging the coming together of the Whole House of Israel as in Ezekiel 37; Judah and his companions and Ephraim (Israel) and his companions.

We desire to work together with all His people, in teaching the eternal truths within the Hebrew Scriptures to a people who not only believe in the return of Messiah, but who are also ready to sanctify themselves in preparation for that return. We hope that you enjoy reading these pages. Feel free to contact us if you would like to add to them, or you would like to discuss any issues you find within them.