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Filmed in Israel: Three DVDs
In 2012 John and Clare Barnett of Abigail Trust (www.abigailtrust.co.uk) took a small group of friends to the land of Israel for ten days. Throughout the trip the camcorder was busy and this three-part DVD set is the result. Although only an amateur production it captures the essence of the trip, during which many biblical, historical and archeological sites were visited. John’s insight into what really took place in the life and times of the patriarchs, prophets, Yeshua and His friends and the early Messianic community adds valuable understanding to Biblical passages. For example at the cove where Yeshua sat in a boat to teach the crowds on the shore, the geography of the site makes it all feasible and it brings the scene to life. The DVD set will enrich your experience of the life and times of the people of the Bible, with over four and a half hours of interesting viewing.

Disc One:
Introductory walk through Jerusalem
Hezekiah’s Tunnel
Kibbutz Galon
Gomorrah and the Dead Sea

Disc Two:
Tel Arad
The Temple Mount
Yad Vashem
Jerusalem Fragments

Disc Three:
The Hula Valley





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