Marriage Covenant Agreement and Lawsuit


One volume of three DVDs

The three DVDs go into detail about the agreement between the God of Israel and His bride at Sinai, and the results of disobeying His conditions. In the same way Yeshua showed us how to live out our love for Him by obeying His instructions and loving each other

At Mount Sinai, there was a marriage. Yeshua was the groom and the house of Jacob was His bride. The marriage covenant vows were based upon keeping the Torah. The heart of the Torah is how we treat one another. This can be summarised with the words, “love your neighbour as yourself.” When the children of Israel went into the promised land, they mistreated each other. Because of this, the God of Israel brought a covenant lawsuit against His people.

In His earthly ministry Yeshua taught the heart of the Torah and showed us how to live it out. In their letters, Paul, Peter, James and John emphasised the proper way to follow the Torah through loving others.

Ultimately, by believing in Yeshua as the Messiah and ‘loving your neighbour as yourself’, the bride of Yeshua will get the greatest eternal spiritual reward and live for ever with Him in the New Jerusalem.



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