Principles of the Greater Exodus


Ilkley, North Yorkshire: 3 DVDs

In-depth teaching on current events leading to the uniting of the whole house of Israel and Yeshua’s return.

What happened to Israel in the beginning is a prophecy of things that will happen to their descendants at the end of days. The ending of the exile of the twelve tribes of Israel as Jerusalem is divided. The beginning of the Great Tribulation period during the controversy of Zion. The emergence of the Abomination of Desolation and the coming worldwide economic collapse. The birth of Zion and judgement on Babylon. Yeshua recognised as the Messiah of Israel and the joy of the Marriage of the Lamb with His Bride.

A three-disc set that cannot be rushed. Many of the scriptures that Eddie presents are being out-worked in our day as we see YHWH’s Plan and the day of Messiah’s return begin to dawn.

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