Saved by grace through faith


The Wirral, Merseyside: One DVD

Do we do away with the Torah because we are saved by grace through faith?

In this teaching Eddie challenges us to ask whether the Torah is the Word of YHWH and if so why do so many believers disregard its instructions? He lays the foundation that sin is the transgression of the Torah and that if Yeshua died to redeem us from the punishment of sin, is there a distinction between following Yeshua and obeying His Torah?
Yeshua created the heavens and the earth and He gave the Torah at Mount Sinai. He made covenant with His people and He is our King, our Judge, our Saviour and our Lawgiver.
We obey Torah by the Holy Spirit. And explanation of the Pharisaic/rabbinic opposition to Yeshua’s teaching and the reason for Paul’s misunderstood teaching in Romans and Galatians.


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