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Christianity claims that Paul is saying in the book of Romans that believers in Yeshua should not follow the Torah. This twelve-set series explains in detail the first-century context of the issues that Paul is addressing, specifically not ‘if’ but ‘how’ we should follow Torah

Many believers struggle to understand the book of Romans, especially chapters nine, ten, and eleven. Christians quote verses from these chapters to prove that they should not follow the Torah, but they do not understand the message that Paul is trying to share. For them, the world is simply divided into Jews and Gentiles. They believe God once made a covenant with Israel, but because Israel rejected God, God then rejected Israel and established the church. That is not what is written by the Apostle Paul. God never rejected Israel. God has kept His covenant with the remnant of Israel to this day. This teaching will open your minds to this idea as well as show you who this remnant of Israel truly is, and the issues that Paul is addressing.

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