The Firstborn in the Plan of Redemption


Oldbury, Lancashire: 3 DVDs

The Melchizedek Priesthood and its significance

Presented at Oldbury over the course of Saturday evening and all day Sunday, hosted by Marcus and Abi Penberthy. Regrettably we were unable to retrieve the initial evening message but Eddie summarises it before developing his theme throughout Sunday. It is followed by a lively discussion with some important questions and answers.
The role and function of the Melchizedek priesthood as Priest, Firstborn and King. The firstborn lineage from Adam to Noah. The responsibilities of the firstborn. The splitting of the functions of the Melchizedek priesthood because of the failure of Jacob’s sons. Joseph the forerunner of Yeshua in his role of firstborn redeeming his brothers and revealing himself to them. Ephraim’s whoredom and the need for redemption foretelling the pattern of the Greco-Roman mixture in Christianity and the mixture of YHWH worship and paganism. Messiah the Firstborn Kinsman Redeemer and the role and responsibilities of the Body of Messiah.

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