The Purpose and Ministry of Elijah


Birmingham, Staffordshire: One DVD

Elijah’s ministry that precedes the return of the Messiah is focussed on calling the people back to the Torah. The main aspects and elements of the Elijah Ministry in the end of days (Malachi 4:4-6) in relation to the Hebraic Roots of Christianity and the second coming of the Messiah.

The need for the spirit of Elijah and how it relates to the two houses of Israel uniting in the end of days. Elijah stood against Baal worship which is the mixture of worshipping the God of Israel and holding on to paganism, which is very evident today among many believers in Yeshua. An exciting and challenging message for us to consider at this crucial time in world history.
Some of the topics included on the DVD are as follows: 1) What is the ministry of Elijah in the end of days? (Malachi 4:4-6) 2) How is the ministry of Elijah associated with embracing the Hebraic roots of Christianity? 3) How does the ministry of Elijah relate to the two houses of Israel uniting in the end of days? 4) What is Baal worship? Did ancient Israel practice Baal and sun worship? 5) What is mixed worship of the God of Israel? 6) Is mainstream Christianity following Baal and sun worship customs today? 7) Are we NOW living in the days of the Elijah ministry? 8) What role does the Elijah message play in preparing for the coming of the Messiah? 9) What is the Jezebel spirit in modern mainstream Christianity today? 10) Does modern mainstream Christianity embrace the Elijah message?



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