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Visit of Eddie Chumney to UK.

Eddie Chumney speaking in the UK at the 8-day Sukkot gathering from September 17th to 24th 2024

For several years Jessica Knock of ‘Eatin Wild Honey and Locusts has held weekly online Sabbath discussions/studies with Dr Stephen Pidgeon from the USA, and other invited guests, which has an international audience of listeners each week. She also hosts an annual 8-day Sukkot gathering and time of fellowship near Rugby, East Midlands, with Dr Pidgeon being the main speaker. This year she has invited Eddie to take part in the gathering and he will be sharing the speaking engagements with Dr Stephen Pidgeon as one of the main speakers.

Both Eddie and Dr Pidgeon have done extensive research completely independent of each other on the subject of the 400 ’silent’ years between the books of Malachi and Matthew: the Qumran community, the significance of the Dead Sea Scrolls and what the Scrolls have to tell us today. To summarise, it is about the Spirit of Elijah spoken of in the book of Malachi – preparing the way for Messiah’s return! 

Potential subjects for teaching and discussion groups:

The Dead Sea Scrolls: What are they? Why now? 

The Nazarene influence on Early Christianity

Returning to the Ancient Paths

Our Christian Celtic heritage

Foundations of our Faith

You can find more information on the Eatin Wild Honey and Locusts web site:

We look forward to a wonderful time of fellowship and hope to see you there!